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Empowering IT Education

Unlock your creative potential with our Information Technology program! Dive into building in-demand tech skills for internships and job opportunities.
Our aim is to empower youth in rural communities, guiding them from beginner to expert proficiency in using computers and related technology. These skills open doors to information technology career opportunities, enhance social media engagement, and boost networking capacity by building connections using the internet.
CCPD – Determined to Guide You on the Right Path from the Start!

Empowering Entrepreneurship

Our Entrepreneurship program is your gateway to a blend of business training, personal growth, and easy access to professional services and loans.
Get hands-on curriculum tailored to empower aspiring entrepreneurs, guiding them to navigate the path of creating community-based businesses successfully.
After completing the program, each graduate receives personalized guidance in crafting a business proposal through one-on-one consulting with a team of professionals. Plus, our partner, the National Employment Fund of Cameroon, offers financial support in the form of an unsecured $3,000 loan (at a 1.8% interest rate) to kickstart new businesses.
CCPD – Setting the Stage for Your Success

Empowering STEM Education

STEM education is crucial today, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and learning key subjects together.
STEM encompasses science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—a powerhouse of essential courses shaping a generation of intellectuals. It fuels innovation and competitiveness, generating new ideas and introducing groundbreaking technology.
Choosing STEM means higher earnings, abundant job opportunities, and a variety of careers to make a difference in the world and your own life.
CCPD – Be the Guiding Light to Your Educational Journey.

Empowering Architecture

Architectural wonders have amazed us since the beginning of time. Architects don’t just build houses; they construct nations with their hard work and passion. Africans, in particular, have always aspired to pursue architectural studies to create state-of-the-art buildings.
In this course, you’ll learn how to plan buildings in crisis situations, create perfect layouts, and bring people’s dreams to life.
Studying architecture won’t just make a difference in others’ lives; it will elevate your life to new heights. So, enroll in our architecture course today and choose a bright future tomorrow.
CCPD – Let’s uplift each other.

Empowering Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts stand out as a wonderful subject for those facing anxiety or stress. During the challenging times of the pandemic, when people were distanced from loved ones, engaging in craft activities not only eased loneliness but also turned that time into creating beautiful things.
Studying arts and crafts doesn’t just offer a creative outlet; it hones decision-making skills and boosts memory. These benefits ensure that choosing arts and crafts paves the way for a better future and mental well-being.
CCPD – Ensuring the Wellbeing of Africans.

Empowering Fashion Design

Fashion design has always been a sought-after and beloved business throughout the ages.
This course is a fantastic chance to blend your creativity with technical skills, combining design, artistic vision, and innovative technology to create beautiful African clothing and accessories. It’s a step towards enhancing African fashion and culture on a global scale.
The program also covers sewing for profit, making it an excellent steppingstone to break the cycle of poverty by starting a new career.
CCPD – Helping Africans Stand Tall in Excellence.

Empowering Healthcare

The healthcare profession is for saints and healers. During the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare practitioners were the real heroes, fighting hard against the challenges.
Studying healthcare is for those with a soft spot in their hearts for people.
Healthcare professionals are in demand worldwide, offering not just a great income but also immense respect and a drive to work day and night, helping people through tough times.
It’s a profession with various options and endless opportunities that open up once you complete your degree. You can choose to serve in your country, work abroad, or engage in charity work – it’s all up to you.
CCPD – Opting for a Better Tomorrow in Healthcare.

Empowering Biotechnology

In the face of a new and unknown disease that devastated the world, scientists emerged as lifesavers. In just a few months, they developed a diagnostic kit, and shortly after, they discovered a vaccine for this deadly disease.
Today, thanks to the hard work and tireless efforts of scientists, we are successfully controlling the spread of this disease. Biotechnology offers various paths, from agriculture to healthcare, forensics, and environmental technology. You can choose to change the world in your own way.
Biotechnology is a course with the power to revolutionize research, introducing the world to innovative ways in healthcare, farming, and research.
CCPD – Paving Ways for a Better Future in Biotechnology.

Empowering Software Engineering

In this era of advancing technology, the demand for software design has reached its peak. Every company requires layout designs, new software and app development, and security maintenance.
From booking appointments to providing online education through new apps and delivering groceries to doorsteps, software engineers have played a crucial role in the last decade.
This proves that the job market for software engineers holds great potential, with the future offering limitless opportunities for graduates in software engineering.
Students in the software engineering course acquire all the knowledge and skills needed to compete successfully in this dynamic field.
CCPT – Determining the Future Passionately in Software Engineering.

Empowering Agriculture & Greenhouse Management

Our Agriculture and Greenhouse Management program tackles biodiversity and environmental issues through eco-friendly agriculture and innovative practices like greenhouses and hydroponics gardening. This incredible program aids both new and experienced farmers in boosting productivity, offering environmental education in nursery management and tree planting initiatives.
It equips farmers with strategies to protect natural resources, produce sustainably, and enhance food security. This not only uplifts economic wellbeing but also strengthens food security, ultimately reducing poverty in rural households.


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