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Our Information Technology program unleashes student’s creativity to explore their passion in building in-demand tech skills for internships and job opportunities.
Our IT program aims to assist the youth in rural communities to gain the valuable knowledge to use computers and related technology efficiently, covering levels of proficiency from beginner to expert.
These skills help them avail of information technology career opportunities, as well as gain social media engagement skills, and increase networking capacity and building connections using the internet.


Our Entrepreneurship program is created to provide a combination of business training, personal development, access to professional services and loans affability.
Students obtain practical curriculum designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and skills to successfully navigate the path to create community-based business.
Upon completion of the program, each graduate will be guided to create a business proposal and a one-on-one consulting with a team of professionals and graduate received financial support from our partner the National Employment Fund of Cameroon, in the form of an unsecured loan of $3,000 (at a 1.8% interest rate) to seed new business as start-up funds.
Set yourself up for success


STEM education is the need of the time. It provokes critical thinking, problem solving and learning all important courses together.

STEM is the combined study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These all courses are of highest importance to form a generation of intellectuals and helps drive innovation and competitiveness by generating new ideas and introducing new technology.

Students who have chosen STEM are higher earnings, plenty of job opportunities and careers to choose from and make a difference in the world and your own life.


Since the start of mankind architectural wonders are amazing. Architecture doesn’t only build houses; they build nations with their hard work and passions. Specifically, Africans have always tried to pursue architectural studies to make state of the art buildings.

Hence, take this course and learn how to plan building in crisis situations, make the perfect layouts and give reality to people’s dreams.

Studying architecture will not only make a difference in others’ lives, it will also take your life to new heights. So, join our architecture course today and opt for a bright future tomorrow
let’s uplift each other.


The truth is arts and crafts is one of the best subjects for those who are anxious and stressed by nature or circumstances. When the Pandemic hit hard and people had to spend time far away from their loved ones and stayed isolated, these Crafty activities not only could feel less lonely but also used this time in creating beautiful things.

Additionally, studying arts and crafts enhances your creativity, sharpens decision making skills and enhances the memory. These all benefits assure that choosing arts and crafts will ensure you a much better future and mental health.
CCPD Ensuring the wellbeing of Africans


From ages Fashion design has been one of the most in demand and lovable businesses.

This course is an excellent opportunity to combine your creativity with your technical skills to design, artistic vision, and innovation technology to create beautiful African clothing and accessories sure as to improves African fashion and culture to the world.

The course also covers sewing for profit, which means the program could be an excellent steppingstone toward breaking the cycle of poverty by starting a new career. Excellence
Helping African stands tall


This profession belongs to saints and healers. When the Pandemic of Covid-19 surrounded the world, the only people who fought hard were the health care practitioners.

Studying health care is for all of those who have a soft corner for people in their heart.

Health care professionals are demanded all over the world and along with great income, what every health care worker gains is an immense respect and a drive to workday and night to help people in their hard times.

It’s a job with various options and unlimited opportunities that follow you once you complete your degree. You can choose to serve in your country, work abroad or do charity work, it’s all your choice.
Opting for a better tomorrow


When the whole world was devastated by the new disease, and no one knew what it was, how to diagnose or treat it, these scientists became the life savers. In less than a few months, they came up with a diagnostic kit and after some months they discovered the Vaccine for this fatal disease.

Today, we are successfully controlling this disease from spreading anymore due to the hard work and untiring efforts of our scientists. From agriculture to health care to forensics and environmental technology you can opt for anything you prefer and opt to change the world in your own way.

Biotechnology is the course that has the power to change the whole idea of research and can introduce the world with many new innovative ways of health care, farming and research.


As technology advances, the software design market has gone to its peak. Every company needs to design their layouts, develop new software’s and apps, and security maintenance.
They developed software’s to book appointments, gave online education through new apps, and delivered groceries at their doorsteps.

The last decade has proved that the jobs for software engineers have a great potential and the future entails unlimited opportunities for the graduates of software engineering.

Students of software engineers course learn all the knowledge and skills to compete successfully in this area.
Determine future passionately


Our capacity building on Agriculture and Greenhouse Management program addresses the issues on biodiversity and the environmental crisis by providing environment-friendly agriculture and new, innovative practices, such as greenhouses and hydroponics gardening. This incredible program helps new and old farmers develop and increase their productivity, as well as engage in environmental education in areas of nursery management and tree planting initiatives. The program also delivers strategies to farmers on how to protect our natural resources, create sustainable produce, and improve food security. This allows farmers to enhance their economic wellbeing, increase food security, and, ultimately, reduce poverty among rural households.
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