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When we invest in our youth, we invest in the future.

The values of the Community Center for Professional Development are consistently showcased by the organization in persistently working towards strengthening communities and supporting the freedom and independence of our youth and young women.
We at CCPD provide our students with a mission-driven approach to acquire knowledge and skills that will help them achieve freedom and peace of mind— all these to make a real change in their lives and in the world around them.
Our students come from extremely poor backgrounds in both urban and rural areas. The cost of providing training for a full year is $500, but we at CCPD are able to offer our trainings for FREE through your generous donation. When you donate $50 a month, our students are able to realize their dream of attending CCPD training programs for a full year. Your donation will help the youth cultivate valuable skills and unlock their God-given potentials that will help ensure a better life for them.



We at the Community Center for Professional Development wish to thank you for your trust, partnership, and commitment towards the advocacy that we work together for. Our pledge to you is to always provide the vulnerable youth and young women with the support they need to pursue a life beyond their imagination, career stability, and healthy professional life. It is through our unique training programs that this goal is made POSSIBLE.