About Us

The Community Center for Professional Development is a 501(c)(3) international grassroots non-profit organization founded in March 2005 in Cameroon, Africa. The organization was initially established to coordinate the many requests for job opportunities and emergency training support to youth and young women in the local regions of Cameroon. In time, this mission expanded into the noble cause of breaking the cycle of poverty and serve and develop our communities by providing immediate training programs, assessing underlying problems, and believing and working towards long-term solutions.

Our dedication to this noble effort has reduced the community’s rampant poverty level and has contributed to a more self-sufficient skilled labor force in Cameroon. Over the years of delivering prosperity and sustainability, the Community Center for Professional Development has transformed over 3800 youth and young women through vocational training and professional development programs.

In 2005 when the CCPD was founded, an average household’s annual income was $1500 (750.000CFA). with our mission-driven initiative to our community, the average annual income rose to $5000 (2,500,000CFA) as of 2015.


To place a major focus on helping community’s youth cultivate valuable and productive life skills and continue to look for opportunities to create safe and healthy environments in an effort to alleviate poverty.


We will transform 50,000 youth’s imagination to innovation by 2030 into an effort to break the cycle of poverty.


Our Sewing and Designing course can help young women learn a variety of sewing techniques from
Our Livestock Farming program has transformed the lives of over 500 women, both housewives and

Our IT program aims to assist the youth in rural communities to gain the valuable knowledge

Woodwork and Crafts present a lot of entry-level positions that do not require training, but we at

Our Livestock Farming program has transformed the lives of over 500 women, both housewives and

Our Welding and Metal Fabrication program is one trade that has been traditionally regarded as a good