About CCPD

Decades of pervasive unemployment in Cameroon, Africa, have led to a chain reaction of violence, instability, poverty, and migration. We believe that with you as a partner, we can provide a long-term sustainable solution to help the youth of Cameroon unlock their hidden potential. Quality Education and skills development serve as the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty.
At CCPD, we are committed to making a lasting impact through a holistic approach that includes:

Coordinating apprenticeships and job opportunities globally with comprehensive training programs

Breaking the cycle of poverty and nurturing the development of stronger communities

Providing long-term sustainable solutions for community development

Empowering graduates to become self-sufficient contributors to society

Elevating income levels for women and young people.

Cultivating a skilled cohort of leaders and entrepreneurs

Join us in making a real IMPACT. Together, we can create a future where education transforms lives and community’s flourish. 


We envision a bright future, free from poverty, where young people thrive, creating positive change in their families and communities


To train and equip 50,000 young people by 2035 to become value-driven professionals and creative entrepreneurs, toward breaking the cycle of poverty

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