About CCPD

Due to decades of Systemic Poverty and Unemployment, the CCPD was Initially established to coordinate the many requests for emergency training support and job opportunities for youth and young women in local regions of Cameroon. With you as a partner, we are fortunate to have to provide a long-term sustainable solution to help the youth of Cameroon unlock their hidden potential. Quality Education and skills development are ways to break the cycle of poverty.

Empower Youth and Young Women to Thrive in a Digital Economy.

Creating 500 Skilled, Value-Driven Professionals and Creative Entrepreneurs.

Unleashing Youthful Creativity, Dynamism and Contribute Significantly to Innovation.

Increasing Income Levels for Women and Young People.

Coordinating Apprenticeships and Job Opportunities Globally.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Developing Stronger Communities.

Providing Long-term Sustainable Solutions to Community Economic Development.


To create a bright future free of poverty where young people can lead productive lives and transform their families and communities.


To train and equip 50,000 young people by 2035 to become value-driven professionals and creative entrepreneurs toward breaking the cycle of poverty.

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